Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1st Mega Project ~ Lovely Corner Tablecloth

The Lovely Corner tablecloth did rather well from its first wash. I added the last row of single crochet stitch before the wash. I think there was a wee wee bit of shrinkage but gravity did its part! And the wine stain is no where to be seen.


Have not touched this bedspread for a while now:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Old Crochet Pieces

Earliest X-stitch piece!

More Red Stuff!

My Very First Round Robin!

Its finally completed and home! And I have June to thank for! She was absolutely bust for time but yet she took my NELL RR06 home to complete it!

My other partners for the NELL RR06 are Niesa and CK, who stitched their parts last year and when Charlene step out of our RR due to motherhood, the last part was unspoken for... until June so graciously volunteered. Thank you Niesa and CK! Hope all of you had fun stitching this for me. Butterfly kisses to all!

I love my NELL/J RR06 in that although the centre portions of all four parts are from designers charts, my partners stitched their own bits and pieces to make up their squares thus personalising my NELL/J RR06 which is what I love most about it! No one else has it!

Niesa's :

Moi's :

CK's :

June's :

Finally, NELL/J RR06:

Hanging ornie? Pin Cushion? Amulet?

Here are some pictures of a FO of mine. Only thing is ~ what is it? Can't make up my mind either!

Any suggestions?

It was supposed to be ..... pin cushion!

Crochetted Tote for Melanie!

And my own WLE to Melanie is a crochetted tote:

For the full story on how well received it was! Please visit Melanie's blog:


For the past couple of nights I have been working on my Long Dog sampler piece and here is the current result! Enjoying the colors on bands three and four.

Please to say that I started on the DT Gameboard too! Here is the result of the first week! Found a piece of shiny blue 18ctn fabby which I got off Yasmin and am happy plodding away on the first set! Wish me luck to get through the first piece!


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