Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sewing Class with Snazzy!

We had a wonderful 2 day session with Tini! And mom and daugher came away with a set (or rather sepasang?) baju kurung traditional each! Tini found a light purple piece of fabric for my sister! While Yatie is now a happy owner of a light coral pink/peach baju!

We came away from the session not only taught to cut and sew the baju but also learnt beading! 2 simple beading patterns and 3 types of traditional stitcheries for finishing the baju kurung neckline!

And of course there was home cooked dishes by Tini and her mother!

1st day started at 11am cos I was stuck in the traffic which started after mid-valley and leading up to the bridge going to Kelana Jaya - 1&1/2 hours! Then got lost abit going to Tini's place!

1st day's lesson was:
1. Two types of hemming stitches
2. Three types of neckline finishing stitches, traditional
3. Two beading patterns
4. Learning to use the sewing machine
5. Sewing a pin cushion
6. Learning to take body measurements
7. Drafting the paper pattern
8. Piecing the paper pattern onto fabric, marking and cutting the fabric

2nd Day's lesson was:
1. Learning to use the serger
2. Step by step instruction on sewing of garment

This was my eldest gurl's first attempt at sewing a garment but she managed to finish it at the end of the 2-day session! Well all that is left to be done are hemming at the sleeves and the tunic! And of course beading! Then they are truly complete.

It was a great refresher course for me but I learnt a couple of new elements of sewing! And finally beading!

Thank Q very much Tini for a wonderful session. Ladies, Tini's baju kurung traditional course is worth the fee spent. Aside from the bonding session, I came away from it ready to start sewing ... again!

BTW Tini provided each participant with a full kit of:

a. Measuring tape
b. Fabric scissors
c. Dressmaker's pencil (blue/red)
d. Thread cutter
e. Metal roller/marker
f. Sewing needles
g. Pearl head pins
h. Tailor's chalk
i. Seam ripper
j. 2 types of drafting rulers
k. Packet of colored tracing papers
l. Notes in paper file
m. And stitcher's wallet/housewife to keep all the tools (made by Tini!)for the 1st ten participants only!

You can see Tini's ad for the sewing class here:

snazzynsuch's sewing class

Just Updated: Instruction for the Herringbone Stitch ~ for the neckline!

Fabrics cut and ready for sewing:

Getting ready to cut out the neckline piece:

Shoulder pads, zips and hooks all laid out by Tini!

Yatie's baju top:

Yatie with my piece:

Three type of traditional finishes for the neckline:

Beading done by Tini:

A Gift From The Teacher:


Yummy lunch ~ Loved That Ikan Bilis Sambal!

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