Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ripples Anyone? UPDATED

For DH ~ hope he likes the color scheme!
I am so in love with Garden Bell's Orphan Annie ripples ~ go on... go visit her at
Garden Bell and get the pattern there!

Below: progress as of 8 July 2010
Beginning second band of 8 colors
** A good way to finish all those Minlon yarn I had been buying extras for my projects todate!

@ 12 July 2010
@ 20 July 2010

Above: @ 22 July 2010
Aiseh! look at all those ends to hide!

Hopefully by this weekend, it shall be DONE! 


Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

That are wonderful colours,Emily!
Many greetings,Ulla

Arlene said...


Pat said...

Amazing work. So beautiful!

stargal said...

wow, nice! wonder if minlon yarn is gentle enough for a baby blankie? if were to use baby yarns, will cost a bomb! :(

Marie Anne said...

I love this! It makes them look almost like flowers. Heading over to snatch the pattern, must try this one.


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