Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crochet A Rainbow Project ~ Updated

I visited one of my favorite blogger, Marion and discovered the following project she is contributing granny squares to!

Finished 10 grannies last night.... sob.... tonight got to deal with all those ends!


Marion said...

Dear Emily,

thank you so much for your Email.
I am happy... now you also crochet Grannys for Australia.
I'm really curious to see how they look and look forward to your photos!

I send you many greetings,

Emily said...

Was too rush to take pictures this morning! Will do after hiding all those ends tonight!

Marion, thanks for being an inspiration!

Croap Queen said...

I tried to join in too but never got a reply back. Oh well, they'll come in to good use for another charity blanket at some point.
Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

Hiya Jo,

come to think of it... no reply from her too!

just left a comment there, hopefully she reply soon.

Emily said...

Hi Marion,

I updated this post with pictures of my squares!

Croap Queen said...

I got a reply a couple of days ago Emily - hope you get one too!
I think she must be manically busy with all the people taking part - I don't envy whoever is going to sew them all together!


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