Monday, August 23, 2010

Addictive Doilies!

Latest doily pieces
Experimenting with stitches for a manly scarf! likely winner? Brick stitch!

I polished off the contents (yummy choc chip n nut cookies) within three days
 and am using it to store my latest doily project!


Croap Queen said...

Lovely doilies Emily. You've been a busy girl!
I've done LOADS of crochet the past few weeks, but I'm really, really bad at taking pics and blogging :-(

Wow! That's one high-rise hotel. KL is totally unrecognisable now. Think I prefer the old days with patches of land with a few kampong houses on and the world's stinkiest durian tree to drive past, lol.
Thanks for the link

Emily said...

Hi Jo,
LOL! at least you remember the durian from your childhood in Malaysia!

Are you also familiar with the 'LAR' word?


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