Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is So Addictive!

The maroon color yarn is from Arlene's stash.  She was so kind to let me get the rest of this yarn off her after she completed her piece of this scarf!! 
Do You Enjoy The Maroon & Grey Color Combo?

Have a few other colors in my stash spearheaded for this pattern!


Arlene said...

WOW! you are fast...lovely work Emily!

Emily said...

Aiseh, when I told DH that I got this yarn to make this scarf for his daughter..... he left me in peace to do it! LOL

Croap Queen said...

Hi Emily!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Yep, those dratted scarves are very addictive I think I'm up to about 6 now, with no idea what I'm going to do with them all.
You can't imagine how chuffed I was when I looked at your blogs too - not only did I live in KL when I was a little girl, but you're a fellow doilie addict, lol. Your crochet is amazing - haven't got round to reading all the other stuff you get up to yet :-)

Take care

Emily said...

Hi Jo!
Nice to have you drop by! Where about KL were you back then?

Croap Queen said...

Hi Emily

This was back in the 70s - we were there when there was only one high-rise hotel, and when they built the Merlin hotel, we went to the grand opening a it was the tallest in the city! Very different now. I can't remember the name of the area we were in - I'll ask my Mum & Dad. I do remember we didn't live far from Hock Choon's emporium/supermarket though and strangely enough was only talking about it earlier this week. It wasn't that far from the OLD Garden School either if that helps!
Very happy memories of living there - maybe that's why I get restless living in the UK!
Jo :-)

Emily said...

Oops sorry! did not get to this comment before now.

Hock Choon's! its still here and very popular with the expats community!

Must be Ampang area then. Was your parents with the diplomatic or corporate sectors?


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