Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Completed Tote!

This tote went out to a blogger friend with books and cake boards.
Hope her daughter likes it cos this is not in her own fav colors!


Arlene said...

Very nice tote...envy only!!! How to do ah?

Croap Queen said...

Very nice Emily.

Casey said...

very nice!

Emily said...

if you resurrect your craft blog... I might just sit down and draw out the pattern, just for you!! Deal?

Emily said...

Hiya Jo! How was your weekend? Any update at your blog yet?

Emily said...

Hi Casey, Thanks!

Croap Queen said...

Hi Emily

I'm SO bad at updating my blog :o/
I've done so many things as well - crochet/soap etc. I'll try to get some time this weekend to take some pics and update things

Carry on the good work!

petit hummer said...

Yes I do! Thank you!!


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