Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Light Crochet!

Squares I made over the long holiday weekend!
Above: I found this granny square online and I cannot remember who's blog.  If you know of her, do refresh my memory!!

Above: the windmill centre I got off a motif from one of my many books and the rest I made up on the way.
Above: the small and big of them!


Marion said...

Dear Emily,

these are beautiful and inspiring photos of your Grannys.

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your Day,

Many Greetings,

Croap Queen said...

Very nice, and very different too. I like stuff that's a bit different.
I may pester you for patterns, lol


Emily said...

Jo! I searched your blog for your email addy but found none...

email me at emilycyc57@gmail.com and see if I have any doubles of my unusual pattern books.....

Emily said...

Hi Marion!

Thanks for popping by!

These two squares - I need more practice, stitches a bit wonky! Must try to be neater!

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Emily, you're a sweetie. I've emailed you.



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