Monday, September 13, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect!

Trying out GrannySqs
Below: Will you say that this is pretty? Now, how do I add that last row for easy joining...?
Tried a few stitches but things are not coming together...
But it is so pretty!


Croap Queen said...

Good going Emily.

On the last one, could you maybe do corners and then some chains and the odd dc between, followed by a row of sc to edge it? That's what I'm doing on the wonky squares for the shrugelero and it seems to work ok.
Does that make any sense? I know what I mean, lol.

Emily said...

ok! will try that... stay tuned!

Croap Queen said...

Am tuned :-)
Hope you know what I meant. If not, I'll try to explain it better - could take a while, lol.

Emily said...

Hi Jo,

I had a closer look at the squares for your shoulder wrap/bolero? Will try out what you suggests next couple of evenings.... I vegged out last night watching Marley & Me for the 2nd time! this time getting closer to the start of the movie!

Croap Queen said...

I'll see if I can find you a better explanation Emily. Think I've used it on a different pattern too.

Vegging out is good!

Emily said...

Hi Jo!

Probably Monday if not tomorrow! will show you the results!

Last night I started another of that darn scarf but ripped it out after two motifs. Somehow that yarn dont look good for that pattern... sigh...


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