Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cross Stitch!

Brought a small cross stitch bookmark, gifted me by my sister, to work on while at the hospital with my eldest DD for her check up at the ENT this morning...  She was bored doing nothing so I asked if she would like to work on the piece..
It end up with her taking it home to finish!  Yeah!!! She will probably inherit all my cross stitch stash when I go!
Above: DD hard at work!
Recycled mooncake box for this cross stitch project
Below: the magnetic flap holds the pattern firmly in place!


Croap Queen said...

You do cross-stitch too! I learnt to do it with my Mum in KL when I was about 7 years old - I felt so grown up when I finished my first bookmark, lol.


Emily said...

Hi Jo!
Are you signing in from Portugal?

More of my cross stitch work in 2008 archive... do you like my tablecloth too?

Crochet is still my fav craft!

So you bake, crochet, cross stitch! knitting?

Croap Queen said...

Hi Emily!

That tablecloth is AMAZING! How long did that take? Clever lady.

Am all packed (suitcase full of wool and beads and not much else, lol) and about to leave for the airport. Don't like this bit - I hate flying :-( Surprise, surprise I've packed a flower scarf to do on the plane to keep my mind off the fact I'm in a metal tube hurtling through the sky! Roll on tomorrow when I'm settled with some crochet :o)

See you soon


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